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DX4C DSMR 4CH Tx w/SR410 SPM4200W


Manufacturer: Spektrum

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With the DX4C you get much more than 20-model memory and the signal security of DSMR™ control. You also get advanced software that includes programming for AVC™ (Active Vehicle Control™) receivers.* Its ergonomics feel like those of a transmitter costing two to three times as much. And, thanks to its SD card slot, you will always be able to upload the latest RaceWare™ software updates.











  • Frequency-agile DSMR™ 2.4GHz technology
  • Includes waterproof SR410 Sport Surface Receiver
  • Extra channels can be used for other functions with standard receivers
  • Integrated transmitter antenna
  • 20-model transmitter memory
  • LCD screen
  • Comfortable transmitter grip
  • Compatible with DSMR and DSM2† receivers.









Product Code: DX42GQS826

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